When it’s ok to be yourself

A while ago I wrote an article about why “just be yourself” is bad advice.

I don’t know if I’m just repeating what I’ve written in that article (it’s been so long), but then again, I don’t really care. That’s the purpose of this journal:

Today I had a thought that nowadays I’m being mostly myself and it’s working amazingly well.

The difference is that “myself” today is different from “myself” from three years ago.

Someone saying “just be yourself” to me three years ago would have been the shittiest advice ever.

Today, that same advice would be pretty good.

It’s ok to be yourself when “yourself” is something you enjoy being.

If you aren’t ok with it, I suggest you to start developing everything there, for example:

  • Start weight-lifting to improve your body
  • Focus on your tonality and clarity of speech
  • Improve your body language and posture
  • Pay attention to your grooming and style
  • Engage more in social interactions – start small, especially if you are crippled with anxiety
  • Get into a state of learning, look for great resources related to what you want to improve in

These were just from top of my head.

Nothing will change if you keep playing games and masturbating. In that case you are being yourself, but you probably aren’t happy with who you are (if you are, why the fuck are you even reading this?)