How anyone can have positive influences and mentors in their life

Everyone’s saying always the same thing: get positive influences and a mentor in your life.

Sounds good, but I’ve never been a people person.

I always became slightly depressed, because I saw absolutely no way to find such influences in my life. That’s mostly because I live in a place that’s far from everywhere.

The problem was that I thought I was supposed to have those people in my life physically, like hanging out with friends.

That was a big misconception.

There are lots of ways to get positive influences in your life, even mentors that doesn’t require you to go out there (though that’s preferred way to do it).

I’ll give you an example of my life:

Negative influences

  • News, politics
  • Forums and websites that related to some sort of negative viewpoint
  • A few people who I engage minimally

That’s all I got for now. Getting rid of negative influences is more about what you don’t do than what you do

Positive influences are more about what you do:

  • Life-enhancing subreddits
  • Great blogs / websites
  • Great books!
  • People who lift you up

The list isn’t long and it’s not supposed to be. You could shorten that to just blogs, books and great people.

It’s that simple.

How about getting a mentor?

You definitely don’t need someone to take your hand and guide you through life: depending on what you want to do – business, improve your love-life (or just life), whatever, you can find someone who’s an expert on that subject.

That expert most likely has a blog. That blog is a mentorship for you to crawl through whenever you want.

Find someone you like and start following what they say (write).

Of course you can email and engage different people and some are definitely happy to mentor others. I haven’t tried it myself, but I’ve heard a lot of people doing that.


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