17 Daily Habits That I Use To Keep My Shit Together

running in the morning

We are what we do and think daily. First you shape your beneficial habits and then they shape you.

There’s no need to implement every single thing to your life (it would be awesome if you could, though!), but pick the ones that suit your current life situation.

1. Experiment with everything

Trial and error is the most efficient way to learn. Lately I’ve had a hard time getting out of the bed, so I had an idea. Instead of resorting to something old, I tried something new. Consider everything an experiment.

Exercise is a perfect way to get a fresh start for your morning, but I just couldn’t be arsed to get up and do push-ups. I thought “what could I do easily right now to get my body active?

No, I didn’t masturbate, but I did this:

out of bed

Apparently it’s called “plank”. I got the idea from the time when I was in the army and this was one of the daily exercises there. I felt refreshed soon after holding that position for long enough.

2. Do some weird shit

There’s a fine line between genius and insanity. I have erased this line.- Oscar Levant

Believe it or not, but this is one of the most beneficial habits that I’ve cultivated recently.

It’s all about breaking the pattern in my daily life. Even though I’ve managed to create myself several beneficial habits that I cultivate daily, it will always lead to living life on autopilot.

This is why I will do everything that it takes to do something new and usually it’s some stupid shit that just comes to my head.

Some stupid things that I did that made me feel great:

  • I laughed like a mad scientist while driving
  • I tried to sing every song that came from the radio, even though I knew I couldn’t
  • I’ve danced in front of mirror in the most retarded ways and enjoyed myself. (It was VERY awkward at first)
  • I’m constantly mixing different kinds of foods together. Just yesterday I put some banana to egg-salad – won’t do it again, but I’m glad I tried.

If you don’t bring unpredictability to your life, no one else will do it for you. As a bonus, it will make your life so much more interesting.


3. Find something to change

Even a small change is good – the bigger, the better though

You’ve never bought bananas? Buy them.

You have same songs in your playlist? Change them.

Think of what you have done for so long daily that it’s become automatic to you.

4. Use the 5 second rule

This is a fun hack that I’ve used lately: whenever I have to do something, but there’s resistance towards it, I use the 5 second rule.

I count to 5 and when I finish I get up and do it no matter what. The trick is to condition yourself so that you feel strongly inclined to follow this rule.

When you’ve done it long enough, it’s like a streak you don’t want to break. If you do break it, there’s a good chance that this hack is ruined for you for the rest of your life, haha.

5. Don’t be nice to people for them, but for yourself

Every time that I see someone not thanking the cashier at grocery shop or being rude in general, I feel sad because they are harming themselves more than those around them.

You don’t have to be happy or you don’t have to feel good to be nice. By acting out of your current state (for example: acting happy when you are feeling sad) there’s a great chance that your act will seem “off”.

Just be congruent to your current feelings and have some common sense to say “thank you” when it’s appropriate.

The more you play some of your conditioning out, be it being angry or sad, you reinforce those qualities in you.

6. Consciously strive away from negative influence

Getting rid of negative people is a no-brainer, but I’m talking about the larger scale here: some websites, news, some reality-TV, basically anything that is designed to generate sense of rightenousness and even judgement in you.

When you excessively participate in conversations or read/watch negative material, they stick to your mind unconsciously. Most of all, they take time from doing something that will actually make your life better.

I’m ashamed how long it took for me to figure out how (for example) news and politics were influencing me negatively. The feeling of being right about something subjective never counted as feeling good, but it was addictive nonetheless.


7. Listen to audiobooks when you drive/commute/walk

Brian Tracy made a calculation about this and concluded that during 25 years one can obtain five and a half years of education on “university of wheels”, as he calls it.

Even 10 minutes a day will add up over time. It’s very efficient way to learn and be inspired.

8. Obtain skills related to your career

World is changing constantly. You either change with it or it will force you to change.

Look at people at traditional businesses: they are doing everything they can to stick to their outdated business when they should be working to change with the trends.

No matter what your job or business is, there’s a risk that some current underlying movement will shake it. Obtain skills and educate yourself related to your industry.

If you don’t have a profession or business, learn skills that may help you to create a career for yourself.

Last year I learned to do some 3D-modeling, copywriting, some programming and I learned to make ads for my family business, just to mention a few. Some of those were short-lived, but I learned something valuable from everything that I tried.

9. Schedule your days

I always thought that this advice was bullshit until I actually did it.

It doesn’t have to be iron clad, because your priorities will change over time. Schedule every single hour of your day and follow it.

Without schedule you will be just wandering around.

10. Wake up / go to sleep at same time every day and find out how much sleep you need

I had to experiment for several weeks before I found how much I really need to sleep daily: 9 hours was a bit too much, 6-7 hours wasn’t enough, so now I’m aiming for solid 8 hours of sleep every night.

Be aware that the amount of sleep you need daily may change as you get older. Listen to your body.

Even if it’s holiday, always wake up at the same time.


11. Do 1 push-up, 1 pull-up and 1 ab crunch a day.

This method is called mini-habits, an ingenious way to start gaining momentum with any habit.

This is how I started to do my daily habit of exercise: I’d do only one push-up and then realize that I could as well do a couple more.

Now I’m doing at least 4 sets of 10-20 pull-ups, push-ups and ab crunches a day.

You can use this to go jogging too.

You only have to put your jogging clothes on, go outside and then you can immediately come back inside if you REALLY don’t want to run.

Going back inside at that point would feel way too pathetic: it’s easier to give in and just go run.

12. Read at least 1 hour daily

Not just any books, but books that will enhance your quality of life.  This is something that I can’t stress enough.

1 hour, every night before sleep. Sometimes I also read when I wake up and don’t want to get out of bed :)

13. Keep your momentum up

Momentum is the reason how I manage to be active daily. Become fully aware that being still breeds more stillness and being active breeds more action.

Taking breaks is ok, though. We aren’t machines after all.

When it feels like it’s the hardest thing to start doing something, that’s usually a sign that it’s exactly what you should do right now.

14. Look for inspiring material

Even though I advice people to accept whatever they are feeling at the moment, there’s one thing you should refuse to accept: lack of motivation.

The truth is that continuous motivation isn’t something that comes to your life without effort. You will have to look for it and bring it to your life – every day if necessary.


15. Reserve time to find your passion

Chances are that you don’t have anything you are “passionate about”.

Passion is similar to motivation: if you don’t have it, you will have to look for it.

If you already have something you are passionate about, reserve time to act on it.

16. Every night reflect on what you did that day

Surprisingly enough, people don’t do this. You either feel satisfied with your efforts or you don’t.

If you feel unsatisfied with yourself, do this:

Identify the problem: Procrastination, negative influence, lack of time, inefficiency, anything

Look for solutions: If you don’t know how to deal with it, find resources that do. If you think you do, but you still fail to fix it, find resources.

Try to google with several keywords, look for recommended books, search for videos from youtube.

17. Monitor your degree of proactivity

Make it a habit to ask yourself: am I being proactive, passive or reactive right now?

Then act accordingly towards proactiveness.



  1. Hi,
    Right now I’m a bit stuck in life and I have hit complete rock bottom. When I lost all hope I just googled ‘How do I get my shit together?’ and this post came up. This is really helpful and I feel like I’ll be okay :) Thank you so much


  2. I’m in a bad place right now and have almost lost all hope. I think this article offers a very practical approach and has actually motivated me to get my shit together. Thank you very much :)

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