Best of Self Development From The First Week of 2014

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There are huge amounts of great content on self improvement and it would be shame not to read as much as possible.

Here are my top picks from the last week:

1. Cultivating Optimism and the Spirit of Renewal by Advanced Life Skills

I’d call this article to “back to basics”. Nothing new and spectacular, just a healthy reminder of the basics of how you can succeed. Important stuff.

2. 14 Changes You Should Try to Aim for in 2014 by Alden Tan

I’m a big fan of articles that say more with less. Many of these 14 changes hit my spot.

3. Are You Addicted To The Struggle? by Debi Taylor

Today I woke up with a slight anxiety, perhaps from a unpleasant dream. After I got up from the bed my mind started racing on everything I have to do. Life didn’t feel easy.

Something clicked in my head when I read this article, like I had found again some of my spiritual knowledge. Breathe, relax, allow. There’s no need to struggle.

4. The Surprising Truth About Negativity and Motivation by Britt Reints

I constantly remind myself of my dreams. They are positive and very powerful images.

Britt Reints has a great point about the motivating force behind the negative – what you don’t want. There’s always two sides to your desires: what are you escaping from?

Use that to your motivation – I know I will.

5. 5 Fundamentals For Living A Succesful And Rewarding Life by Elle

Several gold nuggets in this article.

Living a successful and rewarding life is simple, but not easy.

6. Living In Your Element: Break Out of the One-Size-For-All Box by Simona Rich

Very profound text full of life and inspiration.

Live up to your expectations, not someone elses.

7. The Top 100 Self-Improvement Blogs for 2014 by Brendan Baker

A great resource for finding your favorite blogs. I second Brendan that you should pick just a couple that resonate with you.

8. How to Understand Your Fear and Move Beyond It by Tess

Fear is a huge part of everyones life.

Personally I’ve had and still have my greatest challenges in breaking through the fears that I have.

I can say from experience that Tess’ tips for moving beyond fear are all very helpful in my daily life. Be honest, accept yourself, let go and take action.

9. 5 Scientific Reasons You Should Believe in Free Will by Steven Handel

This one’s actually from the last year, but I’m willing to bend the rules every time I come across something excellent.

Personally I believed for a long time that we are conditioned to being the way we are. In other words, I didn’t think there’s free will.

I agree with Steven that actually believing in free will is extremely helpful because it assumes you are responsible. Being responsible for my actions and feelings is the best thing that happened to me.

Nowadays when it comes to free will or determinism I don’t know what to believe and I don’t really care. I keep believing that I’m responsible for myself because it makes happy, regardless of the truth.



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  1. Thanks so much for featuring “Are You Addicted to the Struggle” in this post! I’m glad it spoke to you ;)

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