Social Calibration & Emotional Intelligence

Owen has released yet another video, this time about social calibration and emotional intelligence.

I related strongly to him when he was explaining his past of not being able to read social cues.

Maybe it was because of growing up in a dysfunctional environment, maybe it was because I had the minimal amount of social contacts as a child. Doesn’t matter.

There was always the need for extreme rationalization and logic at the expense of being social and just feeling good.

That’s perhaps the best explanation for it than I can give. Needless to say, it made me pretty miserable.

The tuning fork

Owen made an excellent point about the “tuning fork” and how a lot of people are resonating to shit.

Gossip, negative talk, NEWS and especially a lot of politics – it’s shit, but people resonate with it a lot. It doesn’t make them feel good on the long-term, because it creates a negative presence in ones life, but in the short-term it usually gives some perverse pleasure.

I believe that everyone can (and do) feel that perverse pleasure, but it requires a huge amount of self-awareness to see its self-defeating nature and avoid it.

He made another point about people being addicted to negativity, but they just can’t stop. This is exactly how I see it too.

Getting rid of it is a process, because it is such a deep-seated habit.

Anyways watch the video, it’s awesome. If you want to improve yourself and your thinking watch Owens other videos.


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