How eating just a few candies will ruin you

This is a bit retarded, but I’ll just put this out there:

Today my co-worker brought in a bag of sweets.

I ate a few.

Then I ate a few more.

I realized that I started to feel tremendous pull towards the sweets. They tasted so good.

What’s the harm in eating a few more? (and a few more after that?)

Just eating the sweets seems innocent, but there’s a great danger there.

I started exercising by doing only 1 push-up, 1 pull-up and 1 ab crunch daily and the habit quickly escalated to at least 10×4 sets of each daily.

In the same way, had I given in to the desire to eat more of those particular sweets, I would have been more inclined to buy some candy from the grocery store the next day.

Because what’s the harm? Of course buying candies once or twice doesn’t mean anything by themselves, but it’s the start of a momentum that’s the real danger.

Each time you give in to your desires, it makes you more inclined to give in the next time (and the time after that etc).

You don’t necessarily have to say “no” every time an opportunity to get some short-term pleasure arises. Most of all you have to be aware that there is momentum created towards that short-term pleasure.

By all means, drown yourself in those pleasures, but you must have knowledge and past track-record of discipline to get out of that spiral before it consumes you.


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