7 Ways To Get A Carefree Attitude And Start Enjoying Life

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Being a landlord isn’t fun.

If you look at it from the outside, you’d think that it’s easy money. I have to admit that the workload versus the rewards is pretty good.

However if you look to what’s happening inside a landlords mind, you would see that it isn’t easy at all.

I choose my tenants very carefully, but the doubt will always be there. You are practically giving an asset that costs huge amount of (debt) money to someone who you don’t know very well.

I know that most of my concerns probably won’t happen, but the chance is always there.

This has led to me searching for methods to cope with these things:

1. Expect troubles

In life, something will always go wrong.

Anxiety comes from our thoughts of future, our thoughts of uncertainty.

Make uncertain to certain and take precautions. If something doesn’t go wrong, it’s a pleasant surprise.

On the outside nothing changes, but on the inside there’s a clear shift of movement.

Release yourself from having to think about what could go wrong. Know that eventually something will.

Know that you will have the means to act on it when needed to. That’s all you need.

2. Surrender (or, stop resisting)

So simple, yet so hard to do.

Anxiety is always some form of worry about the future. The answer is to surrender both to the feeling and the thoughts that you are experiencing.

What we resist, persists.

It’s natural to try to avoid and resist negative feelings in our lives – after all, no one wants to have them.

Surrender to the fact that they are in your consciousness. Let them be.

After a while, they will pass by like any other thought because they have nothing to stick in to.

Realizing that there’s nothing to fight against can be liberating. The thoughts may still come back, but eventually your subconscious gets the message and stops bringing them up.

After a while the thought will no longer trigger an emotional reaction in you. It will be like a car passing by.

3. Will it matter in 5 years?

Very powerful thing to realize: imagine yourself living 5 years from now, thinking back.

Do you feel bothered about it?

Maybe you should congratulate yourself for solving it so well ;)

4. Dive in to them (or, embrace the feeling)

dive in to them

Not resisting is one thing, but what I’ve found particularly helpful is to dive in to the feeling and the thought.

Embrace the negative as strongly as you can. Dwell in them!

Don’t create a story around them, just be with them.

Works for me every time. The thoughts often come back, but less stronger than before.

Do it again and again until your wiring changes.

5. See the big picture

What is causing you the anxiety? Is there some kind of bigger picture behind it?

For me being a landlord is one way to achieve financial freedom.

It brings me comfort that I have to take the risk anyways if I want to make my dreams come true.

I might as well just enjoy my time while I’m at it.

6. Lower your expectations

Disappointments arise from expectations that have not been met.

If you get disappointed by what someone else did or didn’t do, there’s a good chance you should look inside yourself.

It all comes down to taking responsibility for your own well-beingness.

Less than a decade ago I had high expectations of everyone around me and I was constantly disappointed. I couldn’t take responsibility and continued to play the same records in my head that blamed other people.

The worst thing was that I was constantly at other peoples mercy. They had huge power over my emotional life and I couldn’t do anything about it.

The more you expect from others, the less you expect from yourself.

Turn it around and you’ve got the recipe for great life. If you have high expectations of yourself and feel disappointed for letting yourself down..

Well, you’ve got good reason to be disappointed. Take responsibility for it.

7. Don’t judge

judge hammer

Judging something – anything, brings negative energy to your life.

In other words, you harm yourself more than the person you judge.

It’s one of the reasons why you may feel reserved about so many things in life. You may notice yourself judging someone and then unconsciously avoid doing the same thing.

People who don’t judge are more open to life and possibilities. The change in your perception starts from being aware of yourself and stop trying to be right.

Like getting rid of any negative energy, it’s liberating.

Bonus: Get rid of news and politics

One of the best decisions in my life was when I stopped following the news and especially the politics.

They didn’t make me feel good and I didn’t benefit from them in any way. The news reporters aim to make news out of things that we will feel like judging.

The news are interesting because people can feel their righteousness flowing through them.

They are waste of time and affect your unconsciousness in a negative way. Focus on positive things.


Living a carefree life isn’t about happiness – it’s about living without anxiety and feeling worried for the future.

It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take precautions – quite opposite actually. It means that despite taking precautions you don’t have to worry about something you can’t affect in any way.

What you can affect is your own state of consciousness.


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