How to change other people

Me and my brother haven’t really fared well together. I actually hated him my whole childhood.

After I got into changing my mind-patterns, I thought that he could might benefit from that too. So I bought him Eckhart Tolle Audiobooks.

Big mistake.

I think he listened a couple of chapters and then he returned the cd’s to me accompanied with some insulting remarks. I can’t blame him though, I think that anyone would be suspicious about “spiritual enlightenment”.

Well, I just kept changing myself.

After a while, when my own mood started to brighten up, I noticed that people around me started to brighten up as well.

Even my brothers.

People will never change if you tell them what they should do. Their ego can’t handle it.

What people will most definitely do, is to mirror other peoples realities (states of being). My reality became “bright”, so people unconsciously started to reflect on it.

The result is that everyone is feeling better.

It’s kind of an analogy to the old advice that you are the average of 5 people you hang out with and how you should surround yourself with positive influence.



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