24 Tips For DESTROYING Your Comfort Zone And Creating The Reality You Want


I’m an expert when it comes to staying in comfort zone. I’ve had fears that were so crippling that I had hard time even going to the grocery store.

One of the most uncomfortable truths in the world is that all the magic happens outside your comfort zone. At the same time it’s amazing when you think about it – every time I’ve done something I’ve known to be good, but felt uncomfortable about it, I’ve felt huge amount of enthusiasm.

It’s a feeling that everyone should experience regularly and you can do that by following these ways:

1. Know your fears

The first step is to spend some time to get to know your fears and inspect them. Be conscious of them, feel them fully and look for new perspectives to them. Both inside yourself and from the internet.

Seek to understand what’s holding you back.

2. Embrace mistakes

Most of us have been conditioned by our environment to be discouraged to make mistakes. I don’t know about you, but when I was young, the other kids were pretty harsh when it came to stuff like that.

The difference is that when people mature, strange things start to happen. People will start to understand and emphasize more and more.

When you do something unfamiliar, you will make mistakes – embrace them and always learn the lesson.

3. Keep moving

Even the smallest step that you take outside your normal behaviors is a step forward. Celebrate it, be happy, but never forget to keep going forward.

When you make the habit of constantly trying something new out, you will be unstoppable.

4. Try both big and small steps

Yes, you can do both. Sometimes taking small steps can be a lot better than leaping down to the unknown.

Both are great choices – with big steps you make the most progress, but there’s a risk of ending up in the panic zone.

With small steps you are more in control and there’s less risk of feeling so uncomfortable that you can’t handle it.

5. Think about the possibilities

People in general tend to think too much about what can go wrong. They play to not to lose, instead of playing to win.

Always think about what can go right.

6. Sometimes less is more

There’s no need to make huge progress everyday in your life. Make small changes and see where they lead.

If you like what you see, do more changes.

7. Acquire knowledge

The biggest reason why we fear anything is because it’s unknown to us.

Read great books and find new information about things that you are unfamiliar of.

8. Change your perception

Why even call it “comfort zone”?

Start calling it just “something you are not used to doing” and know that you’ll get better at it.

9. Know that staying stagnant makes you feel like crap

We want to feel secure, but the security and comfort will eventually turn into suffering.

10. Focus on the process, not what you can get out of it

Too often we do things because we want to get something out of it.

Forget outcome-oriented thinking for a while and just start doing. Visualize what you have to do, not what you hope to achieve.

11. Create a dream bigger than your fears

Sometimes it comes down to your motive against your fears.

You will be conquered by your fears every time you undervalue your dreams.

Make it a habit to think about what’s important when you feel afraid of doing something that is needed.

12. Forgive yourself

We are all scared and it’s perfectly normal.

Allow yourself to be scared, forgive yourself for having those feelings.

13. Have a backup plan

Depending on the depth of the leap you are going to take, sometimes it’s wise to have a plan B.

A huge step could be like quitting your work to thrive towards your passion while traveling.

Doing something risky doesn’t mean that you should gamble with your last pennies.

14. Know when you have to make a change

Momentum and stagnancy applies perfectly to feeling comfort and taking risks.

When you are feeling comfortable for an extended period of time, you will become stagnant and feel like you can’t summon any strength to change.

When you are taking risks and pushing yourself, you will feel more happiness because you exceed your own standards constantly.

15. Open up to the world

When I fall back to where I feel safe, I realize that I’m shutting the world outside of me. I feel like I don’t need the world.

Always be open towards the world: there is so much to experience that one life time isn’t enough.

16. Get someone to do it with you

If you have a friend who has a similar mindset, you should encourage him/her to join you on your quest.

Often great company makes us feel more adventurous and we have someone to share our experiences with.

17. Watch your thought-patterns

Watch especially what you visualize.

If you find yourself seeing fearful images about doing something different, watch them carefully and embed more positivity in your life.

Also, watch your words: “I can’t”, “I won’t”

In 99% cases you are playing your belief system out.

The truth is that you can do anything you want. You just have to learn how, by trial and error.

18. It’s not supposed to be easy

The hardest things that we have to do are often the right ones. They are also the things that reward us the most in our lives.

It’s not easy for anyone.

19. Do something WEIRD and FUN

Don’t forget what life is about: enjoying yourself. Breaking out of your comfort zone is about breaking the rules that you’ve imposed on yourself.

Make it fun and do something super weird – you won’t regret it.

20. Pump yourself up before going

Listen to music that builds your state up, watch inspiring & motivating videos.

Then go out the door with a blast.

21. Compare yourself to others

Everyone will tell you that comparing yourself is bad. (even I did in my previous article of 90 Rules And Lessons)

The trick is to compare yourself objectively: what do the other people do what you are afraid of doing?

Don’t think about what they already have, but simply what they just do. This will give you great insights about your own presumptions.

22. Be vulnerable

Acknowledge your vulnerability to yourself and to others. Admit that you have to be shit before you can be great.

There’s not much value in trying to be something you are not and come off as lacking integrity.

23. Go somewhere you haven’t gone before

It doesn’t have to be a different country, but some place in your city where you haven’t been before.

One summer I decided to go biking everyday to places where I hadn’t been earlier. I discovered things and places that I had no idea of.

24. Know the value of going forward

You life is here and now. The more you postpone doing something new and courageous, the less opportunities you will have.

Even if you screw things up, you will learn valuable lessons and you will definitely be able to enjoy life to the fullest.



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