The Secret For Making Your Dreams Into Reality (And Feeling Amazing In The Process)

dreams into reality

Earlier today I read a good article that explains well why “just dreaming” isn’t enough.

Short summary:

  • Fantasizing is just mental masturbation, it feels good but by itself it doesn’t lead anywhere
  • This is why “The Secret” is bs for many people
  • It’s about bringing realism and an actual plan to your dream, making it achievable
  • Fantasizing + plan = future projection

There’s something I want to add to the article:

Person A and Person B

winner and loser

Person A and B, can have exactly the same dream, but only one of them actually starts doing something about it. Why?

It all comes down to conditioning and knowledge – not necessarily just action.

Person A inherently believes that he can’t achieve his dreams. Maybe he thinks he’s missing “talent” that wasn’t given to him at birth or something equally stupid.

So he keeps fantasizing and living a life that even he himself thinks is crap. He believes he has no choice.

If he somehow gets a burst of motivation, his drive would die quickly after he encounters the first brick wall. He thinks that other people have it “somehow” easier.

Person B has read some books and has gained some knowledge. He knows that even the most successful people are basically normal human beings, who only have the right mindset. No special talents, just willing to continuously learn and thrive forward.

He may still have some wrong beliefs, but it’s a great start and virtually miles ahead person A.

He keeps fantasizing the same way that A does, but he’s actively looking information, knowing that there are answers out there. He also thinks that successful people feel different about hard work because at least to him it sucks ass.

He won’t really be striving towards success until after coming across material that makes him internalize how active life, short-term discomfort and continuous improvement leads to feeling awesome.

“Coincidentally”, those findings are perfectly in line with creating success in life.

After making continuous improvement and hard work a habit, he realizes that his previous life filled with short-term gratification, bad sleep schedule and lack of action was a huge part why he felt so crap.

The twist

i am your father

It’s such a cliché and I feel ashamed but that just makes me want to say it even more: both Person A and Person B were me with only a couple of years apart.

The turning point for me was the realization that working hard, being active and even improving yourself isn’t always about having fun.

It’s about knowing that the stronger you push forward despise your momentarily shitty feeling, the better you will feel in the long-term.

Morning sickness

I feel like shit every morning.

Somehow good night sleep just sucks all the motivation and inspiration from me.

Every morning is a massive test of willpower and the reason why I gave up with so many projects in the past.

As I push through it either by motivating myself or just with sheer willpower, I feel incredible later on.

The feeling is so much more amazing than any kind of short-term gratification could give me. It makes me smile when I put my head on the pillow at night. It makes me proud myself.

Short-term gratification is about exchanging momentarily good feeling with long-term crappy feelings

Long-term gratification is about exchanging moments of effort with long-term fulfillment.

As you gain more momentum, you’ll start noticing that the momentarily bad feelings aren’t so bad after all because you will reap the rewards every time.

Life will start to feel a lot easier.

The journey

treasure map

Life is about the journey, not the destination.- Ralph Waldo Emerson

This is why Randy Pausch wasn’t disappointed for not achieving his dream of playing in the NFL.

He already got more than he expected.

I’m fully aware that once I achieve my dream of financial independency, there won’t be lasting satisfaction. I’ve still got the rest of my life to figure out what to do.

There will always be yet another goal and I’m perfectly fine with that. The process is already enjoyable.


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