Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy – Review: Bible for stopping procrastination

eat that frog brian tracy

Brian Tracy has studied time management for over thirty years. He has read hundreds of books and thousands of articles on being productive.

Eat That Frog is the result of all that.

It has been translated into 23 different languages and there are over 500,000 copies sold.

The book consists of 21 chapters that focus in making the reader more productive in their daily life using mixtures of techniques and philosophies.


I’m a big fan of compact, no bs, to-the-point information. Eat That Frog is very compact book, having only 128 pages, which I think was simply great.

There’s a time and place for long books, which is most often when the story is particularly interesting, however making a long book about stopping procrastination could have beaten the purpose of it completely.

The idea, after all is to read the book and get on with what you have always wanted to achieve, not make you spend several weeks trying to plow through it.


To be productive, you need to be inspired to an extent and this is where the book succeeds in my opinion.

In addition to giving readers vast amount of tools to beat procrastination and keep progressing forward, there lots of material to make you inspired for achieving your dreams.

Nothing is sugar-coated and you can’t help but to agree: watching movies all day long isn’t a good long-term solution. On the other side, continuous hard work won’t most likely be as devastating as you had imagined.


I have to admit that before starting the book I was a bit hesitant and I remember thinking that it’s probably going to just tell me to get to work.

Turns out that I was right, but in addition to that it actually gave me huge amount of good reasons why and how I really should stop procrastinating.

That is why I can recommend it to anyone who wants to stop lazing around and start making something out of their lives.

The minus

There’s always a minus to every book and sometimes you have to look hard enough to find it.

In Eat That Frog’s case the minus comes from the fact that Brian Tracy has done this very long and understandably there are some concepts that he has used before. It’s a small minus, even though I think it’s good to get refreshed on those too.

Not for everyone

I think that everyone wants success, but the nature of that success varies from person to person. For me and many others it’s about being more productive during the days and getting more out of life.

But for some the priority can be towards enjoying the present, to which some of the long-term advice won’t be practical and I understand that completely as I’m trying to keep a fine balance between the two.


  • It’s compact, but filled with applicable information
  • It’s inspiring
  • There are lots of things you can get out of this book: you don’t have to apply all of them to you life.
  • If you are familiar with Brian Tracys work, don’t expect everything to be fresh.
  • If you want to achieve more and be more productive, this book is for you.

Score: 4/5


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