The right and the wrong way to consume entertainment

Today I was thinking: what kind of entertainment should I really indulge in?

The answer was soon clear to me. I concluded that there are two kinds of entertainment:

  1. Entertainment that I truly want to experience for the sake of pleasure and excitement
  2. Entertainment that I consume because it kills time

My life previously was about 10% of the former and 90% of latter. I would have of course wanted to increase the the amount of former, but simply couldn’t. There’s only so much quality stuff that I enjoy.

Also, too much of anything will make it less lucrative.

The first kind of entertainment is perhaps the most valuable thing in the world for me. I get immense amount of pleasure from it and I always feel that my time was well spent because I enjoyed it so much.

That category consists of several mangas, game of thrones and some movies that I’m interested in (I watch only those that I really want to see – sometimes they disappoint, but not too often) + something I’m forgetting here.

The second kind is of course something that you shouldn’t get yourself into.

If you don’t have anything other to do daily than the entertainment, you haven’t looked hard enough.

You actually might not have looked at all. I can understand that. You think that passion and motivation for something else should just “come to you”.

Obviously that’s entirely wrong way to look at it.

Also, you should never believe your thoughts whether something will interest you or not because

your thoughts don’t represent the reality.

Try everything out, only then you will really know.

It took me 1 year to find something that I’d do rather than drown myself in some short-term pleasure.

Your mileage may vary.


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