Why everyone is equal

Why everyone is equal

This is a thought that rose in my mind last night and I felt like elaborating on it:

The traditional hierarchy-power-level-thinking goes pretty much like this:

money+social connections+looks+skills(social and other)+achievements = status

It’s a perverse product of imagination and mass-psychosis.

I’m not sure whether it’s because of TV or if it’s some innate ‘feature’ of human beings to see other people like this, but at best it will only lead to limiting beliefs and underestimating ones worth.

“Status” is only perceived and situational – it’s not real. It feels real, but it’s not.

I’m not saying that I wouldn’t feel nervous if someone like President Obama would come meet me personally, but there would still be the underlying knowledge of him being just another person who takes a dump.

He doesn’t have any special skills, wealth doesn’t mean much and really, is there really worth in being in command of the biggest military force in the world? It’s not like he gets anything out of it for himself.

It’s the idea of “being the leader of a whole nation” that gives people hard-ons, but in reality Obamas life may just as well be goddamn boring and irritating. I can imagine that he has zero amount of freedom, which is something I’d never compromise myself.

It’s pretty much the same when I think about all the super-celebrities. They’ve got a lot of attention as well as wealth, but is it really worth of losing ones privacy and the benefit to not be recognized everywhere you go?

No wonder that Britney felt like shaving her head.

Sure it could ne nice for a while, but is there anything in this world one wouldn’t get used to, even to the point of getting irritated by it?

Wait a minute, what was my point again?

Right. Why everyone is equal.

It all comes down to the present moment: achievements, wealth, status are all something that exist only in the past.

In other words, they exist only in the minds of people.

“Nuh uh! Powerful people can do a lot of stuff that poor people can’t”

It’s true that wealth creates opportunities in ones life more, but that doesn’t have anything to do with the equal value of every person:

When we look each individual in this world without all the mental filters that create layers of shit hindering our judgement, we can see that everyone is truly the same. When one can watch a person – any person – without having a thought of judgement or any other kind of layer, this truth will be understood.

Opinions are just that: opinions. Masses of people believing in higher existence doesn’t make it real for the others. In the end being religious and having just about any other thoughts are the same – just different shades of gray.

What’s truly important is what’s happening outside all those thoughts.

Everyone is equal. Situations change, but the inherent value behind every single being is always constant and nothing can change that.

Videos for the night

Great video once again from Owen about why getting hit emotionally can and should make you stronger. There’s of course difference between getting hit for “a good amount” and drowning in shit.

The amount of pills that he takes was creepy though.

Brad also created a nice video about some annoying traits about Self-development junkies. I definitely recognized myself from years ago and in some way today, especially when it comes to the book part of the video.


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