Being in flow equals to a great day

Today I’ve probably had the least amount of thoughts.. Ever?

Time went by faster than I realized, I enjoyed myself and all this while doing a 10-hour workday.

Funny coincidence how when I’m out of my head for longer periods of time, I feel amazing.

So what did I do?

  • I got a lot of exercise from carrying a whole kitchen to a 3rd floor apartment
  • I was engaged in skim coating several walls
  • Bought something new from the grocery shop.

Apart from some miscellaneous stuff, that’s pretty much it. Now that I look at the list, it does seem boring as fuck.

But that’s not the point.

First of all, the exercise was rough, but nothing I couldn’t handle. I felt pretty proud of myself as I managed to carry a few unnecessary heavy items by myself.

Second, the skim coating that I did was a bit different than I was used to: I was engaged in an activity that was relatively new to me and put me into the state of flow.

Third, absence of unnecessary shit in my life.

Days like this are rare, because it’s next to impossible to recreate the same conditions for such intense state of flow that I experienced today.

Exercise you can do every day, but the quality won’t always be the same. The absence of shit is pretty much my default state nowadays, though something arises from time to time.

The hardest part to recreate is the activity that demands enough, but not too much.

Obviously, if I go do the same thing tomorrow, the experience won’t be as intense as today. Even less the longer I keep doing it.

This is why doing the same things from day to day is so dangerous for ones emotional health. It’s impossible to be in the state of flow when everything you do is something that happens on autopilot.

Quick checklist (from top of my head) how you can increase your chance to get in flow:

The activity

  • has to be new or something you haven’t done in long time
  • has to be engaging enough – not too easy and not too hard
  • is preferably something you really enjoy (but not always necessary!)

For elaboration, check out Mihailys TED talk about it.

As I mentioned, the absence of thoughts means quite literally that there weren’t any other insights for today.


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