10 Life-Lessons I Learned Watching Game of Thrones


game of thrones

Never forget what you are. The rest of the world will not. Wear it like armor, and it can never be used to hurt you.- Tyrion Lannister

I’m a big fan of Game of Thrones.

Its got lots of elements that makes good entertainment, such as great production, plot and actors, but one thing clearly separates it from others:

A writer who isn’t afraid.

I’ve seen a lot of plot twists, but the boldest ones have always stood out.

It’s nice to have something unexpected to happen, but it’s amazing to see something happen that you could have never believed would.

Anyways, let’s see what The Song of Ice and Fire can teach us:

1. Size doesn’t mean everything

Peter Dinklage has done amazing job portraying Tyrion Lannister.

When asked about his height, he said that he was bitter about it when he was younger, but as he got older, he learned to take it with humor and see that it wasn’t his problem: it was theirs.

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2. Life is unfair and the world is cruel

There’s one thing that every character in Game of Thrones has in common: all of them have experienced the cruelness and unfairness of the world first-hand.

Whether it’s loss of a family or even loss of their body-parts, no one is ultimately safe.

3. Money gives you choices in life

“A Lannister always pays his debts.”

It may seem a little pathetic when a Lannister tries to get out of a harsh situation with the leverage of their family wealth, but it has indeed worked a few times and made their lives easier.

This is applicable to your own life too, though the situation might have more to do with your wellbeingness rather than losing your life.

Before buying that new upgrade to your TV-set, maybe you should consider having some leverage when things don’t go as planned.

4. Some profanity is always nice

I’m not watching the series in the hope of seeing a tit or two, but I have to admit that I enjoy some female beauty once in a while.

I like the fact that the series doesn’t sugar-coat anything, but dares to do things that most don’t.

5. You can only be brave when you are afraid

Profound quote from Ned Stark when Bran asked him about bravery and fear.

6. No one owes you anything

I see a lot of people complaining and implying how they deserve more from the world. They are entitled.

Some characters in Westeros too live in this kind of paradigm, but are quickly put into place either by people around them or just the harshness of the reality.

7. Things rarely go as planned

It’s a shitty feeling to be disappointed. Game of Thrones has countless examples of plans going wrong with something unexpected happening.

This is true in the real world too: take precautions, but don’t expect for things to go smoothly.

It’s a long way between imagining something and materializing it with action.

8. Better safe than sorry

Westeros is a place where you’ll be screwed unless you watch your back. The world may not be as twisted in reality, but it has its bad sides nonetheless.

My father was traveling in Rome just a while ago and he was temporarily carrying a sum equal to one months pay. It was snatched from his pocket at some point during the day.

It was an expensive lesson for him.

9. Avoid assholes

Perhaps there aren’t many as sadistic people with as much power as Joffrey has, but you’d do better to avoid all of them.

They only bring harm both to themselves and those around them.

10. There are no good guys or bad guys

Game of Thrones has made this very clear to its watchers and readers.

There is no good or bad, but just people doing things for their own reasons.



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