Grand mistake that most people do with their thinking

The mistake is not exposing yourself to different kinds of thinking.

Books, mind-expanding articles, different kinds of point of views.

Let’s think about this from this way:

There are lots of people whose only sources of information are

  1. news
  2. people close to them

You could add education to that list, but it depends a lot on the field whether it’s useful or not.

A lot of people also think that education ends after school.

Both are relatively unreliable, of course depending on the people who you spend time with.

Basically their whole view of the world is dependant on those things. If they aren’t friends with great thinkers (VERY UNLIKELY), it’s almost guaranteed that they haven’t exposed themselves to thoughts that have life-enhancing qualities.

This will reflect to everything in their lives: decisions, relationships, CAREER and finances. It’s simply way too

Please, expose yourself to more and different kinds of information for your own and others sake.

No drawing today, because I’m so into stock screening right now.


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