Self-Doubt, Unfairness of The World, Doing The Hard Thing And Being The Best You (Favorite Articles Part 2)

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I like to put up a list of great articles on self-development that I’ve read lately, so that everyone can enjoy them.

1. When You’re Feeling Self-Doubt & a Lack of Motivation (zenhabits)

I find these posts extremely valuable where someone talks about their personal experience about overcoming lack of motivation.

It’s great to see how Leo displays his mindset: he was self-aware, started to be proactive, thinking how he could get over it and ultimately knew that the mild depression was temporary.

And this was just the intro.

2. Life’s Not Fair – And Then You Die (a Daring Adventure)

Simple, yet powerful message.

Tim goes on to explore how life not being fair isn’t as bad as it sounds. It’s ultimately about being proactive and taking responsibility.

“No one owes you shit”

A bit harsh, but true nonetheless. When someone is nice to us or gives us something, it’s a great gift.

3. 7 Entrepreneurs Share What They Have Learned in 2013 and Their Goals for 2014 (The Start of Happiness)

When it comes to insights, entrepreneurs are usually the ones who you should listen to.

They have to be self-reliant and keep themselves going, because no one else is going to do it for them.

Brendan Baker asked 19 entrepreneurs two questions:

  • #1 What successes or challenges did you face in pursuing your goal for 2013?
  • #2 What’s you biggest goal for 2014 and how will you achieve it

The answers are very great both in business and life.

4. The Power of Doing The Hard Thing (Purpose Fairy)

I liked this article, because it reminds me of my current mindset: doing the hard things today make me happier and better than I was yesterday.

5. How to Never Compare Yourself to Someone Else Again (Prolific Living)

Even though I don’t really compare myself to people nowadays, I resonated with this blog post a lot.

I wish I had read this a decade ago.

It’s important to learn to let go and start pushing yourself forward. Get inspired by the people who you used to compare yourself to.

6. 7 Ways To Become The Best Version of Yourself This Year (Pick The Brain)

Sam Negrin really hits the spot with this article.

If you want a quick idea what to change in your life today, then this the perfect list for you.

7. The Truth about Risk: What Death Can Teach Us About Living (One With Now)

Usually I don’t like to focus on the negative, but Manal Ghosain can really bring out the best from the topic.

9. My Best Secret For Killing Procrastination and Getting Stuff Done (Location 180 / Sean Ogle)

Sean shares his Top 5 -method for beating procrastination.

If I notice myself slipping to procrastination, I’m definitely going to try it out.

10. Willpower and Self-Control: What Recent Research Reveals (Live Bold and Bloom)

I’ve been a huge fan of developing willpower and self-discipline, so naturally I was very attracted to this article.

It may sound like mental masturbation, but Dr. Tali Shenfield confirmed what I knew already: developing you self-discipline makes you more successful and happy.

11. 10 Sentences That Can Change Your Perspective On Life (High Existence)

I’m sure that I’ve read all those sentences before, but I just enjoyed them once again.

Reading these sentences is a great way to start the rest of your life.

12. 7 Things You Don’t Want To Learn Too Late In Life

When I see people making posts like “What I would say to myself if I could go 10 years back” I find myself reading truly valuable stuff.

13. Why I Was Afraid of Change & How I Came To Embrace It (The Change Blog)

I admit that I’m afraid of change. I know that everyone is afraid of something, but what’s really courageous is to learn how to embrace it.

Vironika tells a great story about her own life and how changing is ultimately necessary.

14. 12 Simple Ways to Create Momentum In Your Day (Becoming Minimalist)

I’m all about momentum nowadays. Needless to say, Joshua really hit my spot with this article.

Even though I’m able to keep momentum in my life very well, I’m always open to new suggestions. Inspired by this post, I’m going to start making my bed every morning, wondering why the hell I haven’t even thought about doing it.

15. How To Turn Dicouragement Into Confidence, Inspiration And Satisfaction (Reflecting A Life)

Very profound article from Elle about turning the negative in you into positive.


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