24 Crucial Differences Between Happy and Miserable People

I’ve come to learn that happiness isn’t something that you “achieve” after something “big” happens in your life.

Happiness comes from the process of making the most with your time.

You can’t get happiness – you can only be happy.

Every moment is another chance to make true change.

But how does life look from two different perspectives?

What happy people do vs. What miserable people do

happy miserable

They create their future vs. They hope that something will change their future

They actively motivate themselves vs. They wait for motivation

They make themselves confident vs. They believe people are born confident

They think how awesome they are vs. They think how shitty they are

They go out of their comfort zones vs. They stay inside their comfort zones

They thrive towards success vs. They believe you need luck to be successful

They don’t need approval vs. They seek approval

They focus on themselves vs. They worry what others think

They wake up early vs. They sleep late and irregularly

They act vs. They make excuses

They have big dreams vs. They think they can’t achieve anything

They treat people with kindness vs. They are dicks

They have always engaging things to do vs. They are bored

They are focused all the time vs. They can’t seem to decide what to do

They live in the now vs. They live in the past

They never give up vs. They give up easily

They don’t sweat the small stuff vs. They get easily angry

They forgive vs. They are unforgiving

They take responsibility vs. They blame others

They constantly learn new things vs. They don’t care about learning

They produce long-term effects vs. They seek short-term gratification

They are proactive vs. They are reactive

They exercise vs. They watch movies all day

And finally,

They feel awesome vs. They feel like crap

I’ll let you on a secret.

This blog post wasn’t about some happy people and some miserable people.

It was about me.

About my past and my present.

It didn’t happen in an instant, but it did happen eventually.

How I did it

rocky how i did it

(amazing painting, btw – credits)

Even if you find yourself from the red side occasionally, it’s ok.

On most cases, the change from red to green happened automatically once I nailed the most important things.

In other words, most green stuff are by-products of something else. Here’s my progress.

  1. I awakened and realized the negative effects of my thought-processes to my life. This is where first signs of responsibility, kindness, forgiveness, the now and ‘being relaxed’ came to my life.
  2. During the next year or so I was still pretty stagnant, even though my quality of life had improved tremendously.
  3. I got excited about improving myself and practicing self-discipline. This is where I found rest of the things that are found on the green side, such as learning, exercising, motivating myself and thriving towards my dreams.
  4. I started moving forward and my life turned from decent to awesome.

Now that I look back, I’ve been very lucky.

If I had never stumbled on the material that changed my thought-processes forever, I’d probably still be on the red side.

Depending on where you currently are, it may be that you only need a small push to the right direction. It doesn’t happen by itself.


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  1. This is very inspiring, thank you writer for posting this. I’ve been feeling miserable for almost 3 years now. This had been a big help. :)

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