How being in your head screws up your social interactions

Big chunk of my life between my early childhood and my early twenties, I was screwed up by living in my head so much.

Now that I’ve managed to focus more on other people and the situations overall, it’s really hard to see how amazingly difficult it was before.

Today while I was driving, I had a thought about how I never really trusted my instincts when it came to social interactions. Ironically enough, that was precisely the reason why I sucked so much at it.

Being social is most of all being in sync with the moment and with the person you are talking with. It’s about directing the attention outward of yourself.

It seems like the words are not coming from your thoughts, but from the deeper place. It’s like you are expressing the concepts and feelings that you have in your mind/body without needing the thoughts to interpret them for you.

As a child, for some reason I thought that I have to think beforehand what I will say. This resulted into horrible misreading in the interactions.

It took me so long to just trust my instincts and especially that the moment will (almost) always guide me to the best result with my words and actions.

It’s all about being in the moment and trusting it fully.


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