How To Bring More Excitement And Confidence In Your Daily Life

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A couple of days ago a colleague of mine asked me whether I’d go to a course that teaches deskop publishing. She told me that it would save our small company about $4000 a year.

I was interested, but I still said no to her.

I was certain that there is a better way to learn it than going to a (possibly) mind-numbing course.

So later that day I hit up Google and started searching for what it takes to do desktop publishing. I found an open source software that is suitable for professional work and looked up some instructional Youtube videos.

Soon it was clear that just learning desktop publishing wasn’t enough: I had to learn to use a graphics editing program to do all the work for making our advertisements look professional.

Having used only paint earlier, I had to learn how to use a relatively unknown and complicated program. I was constantly hitting a wall with the program and had to look for answers.

I felt excited about all this.

It took two work days worth of time of constant learning+applying and I managed to produce a professional ad that is in the right form. Of course I can’t do everything that pro graphic editors do, but I know enough to make the ads that we need.

I’m not receiving any compensation for this and I never expected to. I learned new skills that will definitely be of use in the future and I felt amazing in the process.

The lesson

For many people the thought of taking the time and effort learning, for example, to use a couple of new programs can be exhausting. I know this feeling from years before because I experienced it all the time.

It’s not about what you do, but how you do it.

In addition to being active as much as I can, there was one thing that really made me excited about learning all that new stuff.

I discovered it a few weeks ago and it has increased my productivity and quality of life immensely during this time.

It’s a perfect companion for the momentum that I generate in my daily life.

“Just say it already!”

What I did was I brought lots of intensity to my consciousness.

When momentum enables me to achieve a lot and enjoy the process, intensity boosts that force and raises my level of excitement towards whatever I do.

I could start like, knitting with huge intensity, boosting my motivation, fun and learning process.

When I do things with that mindset, it accumulates over short period of time and enables me to feel better and easier about anything that I have to do.

It makes me feel more excited about life.

What it is and isn’t

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This feeling of being excited rises from the within, as opposed to some outer condition – though when you really get the ball going, the positive experiences will further boost your mood.

You should be active in your daily life to get the most out of being in this state of mind. I can’t imagine someone lazing around all day on a sofa, feeling really excited.

You don’t become aggressive, but rather start doing things confidently and with clarity. But I must say that the feeling of “no doubt” when feeling aggressive is very similar to it.

In other words, you don’t have to act with great intensity such as tiger jumping on its prey (unless you have to). It’s the feeling of energy inside you and you use it as a fuel for whatever you do.

Tony is a great example

If you want to see what a truly intense person looks and sounds like, look at Tony Robbins. A good amount of his charisma comes from the intensity that he has.

Aim to summon the similar feeling from the inside and implement it in your life as you see fit.

For me it doesn’t manifest in such expressivity as in Tony, but there’s a clear difference for example, in the depth and clarity of my speech.

How I raise it in me

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Focus on being intense

  1. First you have to visualize it – start building it up from the visualization.
  2. Then feel it – cultivate it.
  3. Finally, apply it to the moment – start being active. Get the ball rolling and it will speed up.

Speaking clearly isn’t only the result of intensity, but it also helps you to summon it.

Whenever I speak to someone (or if I’m learning to speak a new language), I always aim to speak with as much volume and depth as necessary and as clearly as possible.

Doing this constantly brings both confidence and intensity in your life and will build up from there as you keep it up.

When it comes to learning to be more confident, you may have heard the advice “fake it till you make it

There’s nothing to fake. Either you speak with confidence (=you are being confident) or you don’t. I speak all the time when I’m alone and I feel awesome just because I can bring out such a confident expression from within.

After I focused on doing this, I noticed that people started to be more receptive to me, which is nice.

When you manage bring the feeling of intensity to your speech, apply it to your body language and doing as well. This way it becomes part of your whole life experience.

Feeling of intensity is sometimes so powerful that it makes all the doubt go away, enabling you to instantly start doing whatever comes to you mind.

It doesn’t matter what I’m doing while focusing on the feeling – I still feel like getting a boost on top of an already good state. In that sense it isn’t a magic pill, but something you can and should use to enhance your daily life.

The steps / recap

  1. Watch people who are intense and inspiring. Tony Robbins, Owen Cook, whoever you like.
  2. Visualize yourself doing anything with great intensity. Imagine the huge power and speed in your doing. You don’t have to do as you imagine, but rather use the feeling to excite yourself.
  3. Focus on speaking with clarity, depth and good volume. Doing this will make you gain some momentum and feel more confident.
  4. Apply the feeling to everything you do, which will then further boost up your emotion.


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