Rediscover the “just do” when you are not getting anything done

For the past 5 hours or so I’ve been having huge problems trying to write.

I’ve read a lot, I’ve stared the screen a lot and I’ve only got a small amount of words written.

I had thoughts of never being able to write again and the more I read writings of other people, the more inadequate I felt because I simply couldn’t produce anything like that.

It was a miserable feeling indeed.

What I was missing

I was too focused on the wrong things.

I wanted to write and produce so badly that I forgot the simple flow of doing.

I guess trying to force inspiration didn’t help either.

Now that I look back, it’s hard to say what it was. Maybe it was fear or maybe it was something entirely else.

The important thing is that I found the answer to myself.

“Just do”

It was that simple.

When we are focused on something entirely different, even the most simple solution can be impossible to realizeriver flow.

After all, we can only have one thought at a time in our heads.

The more you think, the less you do.

When it feels like it’s you aren’t progressing no matter how hard you try, clear your mind and just do.

It may just be that the reason why you aren’t getting shit done is because you try too hard.

Just do.


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