Why you should become a kid once again

Here’s one reason why I got into 3d modeling few months ago. What an amazing creation.

Some thoughts for the day:

Being an “adult” sucks – become a kid instead

I feel that I had a shitty childhood – lots of negative feelings.

Today however, I was reminded by all the amazingly good feelings from my childhood.

As children, we stay constantly active and we are in a state of mind that pushes us to learn more. The world is offering us something new almost every single day.

It’s so hard to imagine how fresh the world felt back then, but that’s how it must have been. Time went by so slowly (here’s an interesting article about that) and we were present most of the time.

Unfortunately, at some point something goes wrong. School, all the stiff structures of society are introduced that we have to go through. All the joy that was present as children gets slowly suppressed.

For me, finding that joy and state of curiosity has been transforming experience. We get easily distracted by our own presumptions and excuses.

It’s so easy to feel that “I’ve seen the world and what it has to offer“, but of course that’s bullshit. There’s so much to experience that even ten lifetimes wouldn’t be enough for that.

I’m not saying that you should do something radical, but change something in your life. Try something new – experience that joy of discovering something you weren’t aware of before once again.

Break your shitty daily pattern – it doesn’t break itself.


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