Just let go and change your perspective

These are some stressful times, I’ve been fighting with a new software at work and at times it feels like things just keep piling up in my life.

I felt a slight feeling of stress, but was soon reminded of something very important.

The art of just letting go.

Even if there is so much to do, it’s useless to pile it all in your mind.

Mind gets stressed easily.

Just by putting everything on paper and letting go of all the clutter in my mind, I felt instantly better.

It’s the same phenomenon as someone working hard, stressed and finally just giving up. In that case, you get so overworked that the stress in the mind gets so intense that giving up is a natural reaction.

But it isn’t necessary. There’s no need to give up on the job, but just refocus ones mind. Don’t give up, but just let the thoughts of stress and work go.

You don’t need them to work efficiently.

Give up on ‘expectations’

Today I witnessed once again how it feels to be disappointed when my expectations were not met.

It sucks.

It was about that software that I was talking about earlier which was supposed to make our work a lot easier. Well, thankfully it seems that we finally got it working as intended, but it took a lot of phone calls, waiting and effort to do so.

There were great expectations that were not met – when something sounds amazing, better be reserved than take the emotional hit.

Or just be prepared to take the hit.

Having expectations is extremely dangerous just because you reserve so much “relief” (or similar a emotion) to something that is usually completely outside of your control. In our case it was “less work”.

Imagine that someone comes to you and says that you could do the same, boring job with 1/3 of effort and time.

You’d probably get excited and when it looks that it’s finally going to happen, your expectations are like a rock-hard erection.

The end result is either an orgasm or blue balls.

This time I got blue balls and I hated it.

As the subhead says, give up on expectations. Focus on what you can do and let everything else unfold as they are meant to.

Change your perspective when work feels like shit

As I said earlier, the mind gets easily stressed.

I’ve been working daily (even weekends) for few hours longer than usual and perhaps it has taken its toll on me.

Physically I’m fine, but mentally there have been some.. weak moments.

Well, today I changed my perspective. I got reminded of a trick that I use sometimes (when I remember to) that can inverse the effect of shittiness when doing a job.

The trick is to embrace the bad. Literally saying in your mind: “Bring it on! The worse this is, the better! I’m going to suck the shit out of this and transform it into GOLD

It’s a slightly masochistic way, but it works. You can also use some.. powerful words to enchance the effect (“FUCK ANAL SHIT PENIS LETS DO THIS“)

It won’t probably work in the long-term, simply because yesterdays epiphany becomes todays gimmick. But once in a while? Why not.

It’s possible to manipulate ones state, perspective and mind to get the best out of every moment. You just have to know how.


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