How To Make Yourself Unstoppable With Positivity

success comes after happiness

“Think positive” is one of those terms that I used to hate when I was a cynic.

People who had the ability to think positive most of the time seemed to be stupid as they didn’t understand how shitty place the world in fact is.

The world wasn’t shitty – I was.

Why you should get rid of negative thinking first

Negative thoughts and feelings narrow your focus and makes you lose the big picture.

This is an biological fact and you can verify this by trying to remember how HARD it is to focus when you have negative thoughts and feelings. Basically what happens is that your brain tries to keep out everything else but the subject of your negative thoughts.

There’s a reason why it works like that as it has been particularly helpful when people have been in life-threatening situations, like encountering a predator in the jungle.

But is it necessary in todays world? No, unless you actually encounter life-threatening events.

In fact it can be very harmful in todays world, as it limits your potential immensely.

I know I couldn’t achieve or produce anything during the ten years I was having depression and anxiety.

How positivity makes you awesome

Positive thinking, which lead to positive feelings make you see the possibilities in life. It also enables you to focus better.

Negative thinking is the opposite as it limits your point of view to the negative aspects of your mind.

You simply get shit done when you are feeling positive, which will then accumulate and enhance your life both now and later.

How it makes you UNSTOPPABLE

What does it mean to be unstoppable?

People don’t achieve anything when they are stagnant. Being unstoppable means that you cannot be stopped and you will thrive for whatever you want.

Remember that every skill can be learned.

Unfortunately, when we are feeling negative we don’t care about learning new skills or educating ourselves.

How you can be more positive starting today

It doesn’t happen by itself, especially if you don’t have enough positive influence in your life.

  1. Take responsibility. This is where I started several years ago, I was miserable and didn’t know what to do. One day I realized that I had to take responsibility for my own well-beingness.
  2. Get rid of the negativity first. It doesn’t happen just by thinking positive thoughts and it also doesn’t happen instantly. For me it took several months of progress: meditation, reading and listening great authors/books on the matter, like Awakening by Anthony De Mello.
  3. Positivity and negativity are both habits. This is an important realization: if you are negative, it’s because you have been conditioned to be so – negative thinking it’s a habit that has formed over time and it can be replaced with positivity.
  4. Surround yourself with positive things. People, things you enjoy, whatever gets the job done. You are the average of five people you spend time with.
  5. Improve yourself. Learn new skills, exercise, read thought provoking books and articles. I’ve learned that I’m the happiest when I get things done.

Happiness comes before success

People often tend to think that they need to achieve success before they can be happy. This is wrong.

Being happy increases your chances to be successful a lot.

There’s a great TED talk by Shawn Achor called “The Happiness Advantage” about the matter.

Watch it and start improving your life today.


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