The art of perverse masochism (how to enjoy negative feelings)

Few thoughts from today related to dealing with mind / harassing thoughts / negative / whatever:

The art of perverse masochism

We are (or at least I am!) always so afraid to face stuff that just might bring some negative feelings.

Life’s already so hard, so why bring any more shit in to it? Let me tell you why.

There’s a way to transform the negative feeling into

  1. source of energy
  2. perverse pleasure

When it comes to feeling negative about something and you are already feeling the tension starting to build, do this:

Instead of thinking “I don’t want this” or ” say “I WANT MORE OF THIS”

Caps intended. Yell it in your mind for enhanced effect.

Say to yourself that you want more of this. The shittier the situation, the more you have to embrace it. Think about how much you’ll have work and how much it will bring you suffering – AWESOME!

Get that train moving by throwing more and more shit to the steam oven.

By doing this I get some perverse pleasure from the negative feeling and from the thought of getting more of it.

It’s a change of perspective. By embracing the negativity you take power out of it – the power that made you feel so hurt: only now it can’t hurt you because you enjoy it in a truly perverse way.

It has become another source of your power instead of being something that sucks the life out of you.

I have to admit that it’s hard to explain how and why it works, but whenever I’m in a mental pinch and I do this, I feel a surge of power by really letting go of the resistance and embracing the shitty feeling.

The hard part is to remember to do it.

Stop protecting yourself

This is kind of related to the perverse masochism, but it deserves its own subhead.

Stop protecting yourself from emotional damage.

First of all, there’s nothing to protect.

Second, usually the “protection” is the biggest source of your misery. By allowing yourself to feel what you feel, forgiving yourself for it and finally letting go, you get rid of negative feelings a lot quicker than resisting and defending.

This needs emphasizing:

There’s nothing to protect

Do you know the feeling when you are under so much pressure that you just let it go or give up? There’s an immense amount of relief when that happens.

That’s the moment when the defences break down and the emptiness inside is shown. You weren’t defending anything, but the whole act of resisting was causing the suffering.

It’s perfectly natural to unconsciously try to protect yourself from emotional harm, but by generating some perverse pleasure from it or just taking your defences down, you deal with it much faster and much better.

I hate to say it because it’s such a cliché, but you’ll really become happier.



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