How To Grow MASSIVE BALLS And Become The Superman Of Your Life

be the superman

You need balls.

You need to have so big balls that they don’t fit in your pants.

It’s not how others perceive you, but how you perceive yourself.

From someone elses perspective you can be the ultimate pussy just because that’s their reality.

In your own reality you can be the most awesome person ever.

Guess which one really matters.

1. Visualize yourself with HUGE BALLS

Now I’m not talking about proverbial balls.

Doesn’t matter what your gender is, imagine yourself with so huge balls that you have to walk with your legs wide open.

Feel the power of the balls, see them in your mind. You are proud of your massive balls.

You are walking down the street and they are visible to everyone because your pants were too small and you had to cut them open.

Some people look shocked and some gasp in amazement. You smile to everyone, regardless of their reaction.

They are so shiny that they blind people who gaze upon them.

2. Balls = Momentum

Momentum in your life makes you unstoppable.

The more active you are daily, the more you have momentum and the more easier it becomes to do anything.

Be active every day, learn new things, exercise, read, do whatever you like. Never be stagnant, unless it’s a well-earned break.

Nothing breaks momentum as well as lazing around all day. You trade short term gratification for long-term bad feeling.

3. You are awesome

The only difference between an awesome person and a lame person is how they see themselves.

The perception of other people don’t make you awesome.

4. Failing is ballsy

People don’t think you are crap because you fail.

They think you are crap because you don’t do anything worth doing.

The worst thing is that YOU WILL THINK you are crap because you don’t do.

Feel your balls and draw power out of them to make things happen.

5. Simplify

Life sometimes feels hard because we make things complicated.

Usually the most simple answer is the best one.

Having balls is simple – unless you make it complicated.

6. Just Do It

“Fake it till you make it” is a terrible piece of advice.

There’s no faking, there’s only doing.

If you do the ballsiest thing in your reality, for example, gather the courage to go talk to your crush, you are not faking anything.

You are doing.

7. Balls are not dependant on anything

Did you make a mistake and people are judging you for that?

Or are you only imagining them judging you?

It’s all the same.

Your balls are not dependant on peoples opinions.

When you internalize the holiness between your legs, peoples opinions will change.

8. It’s about doing what matters

It’s not about doing everything that require some balls. That would be stupid.

It’s about making a difference in your own life in a way that has a great meaning to you personally.

It’s about doing the thing that you know is right for you.

9. With great balls comes great responsibility

The balls enjoy the presence of someone who treats them with respect.

It’s the same with people: treat everyone with respect and they will do the same to you.

Remember though that you can’t be responsible for everything – people will make their own choices and you should respect that too.

10. You don’t grow balls – the balls grow on you

I lied in the headline.

Balls are attracted to amazing people.

Only by becoming amazing will they find you and stick to your crotch, never letting go.

You don’t need balls. The balls need you.

Be amazing.


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