What Never Giving Up Really Means (And Why You Should Give Up Sometimes)

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Everyone tells you to never give up.

Hell, even I say it sometimes.

Still, it’s very deceitful advice since it doesn’t consider the big picture at all.

I’ve started a number of sites and I’ve given up on most them for several reasons.

Isn’t it a bit hypocritical to say to never give up if I’ve done so myself?

No – let me tell you why.

Give up when you should

give up sometimes

If you are not familiar with the entrepreneurship talk today, let me tell you: it’s all about failing.

People are encouraging others to keep going despite having failed and it’s a fascinating thing to witness.

Failing could be interpreted that someone has given up on their business, but everyone knows better.

Giving up in the business world would mean to give up on being an entrepreneur, not on unsuccessful business.

If you realize that something isn’t working, despite your efforts, sometimes it is wise to pursue another venue.

You don’t have to be the best

Seth Godin wrote a clever book called “The Dip“.

He writes that you should make a plan beforehand on giving up before “the dip” (or, before wasting too much time), which is the moment in between starting and success – the hard part.

In other words, you should be absolutely sure where you put your efforts and follow it through.

Seth writes that you should always aim to be the best in your niche, but I somewhat disagree.

It’s true that the market leader has it good when it comes to profits, but I personally don’t see the absolute need to be the market leader.

The reason for that is that my dreams cost a lot less than what market leaders often make, which is millions.

Never give up just because things feel hard.

Give up when it’s the smart thing to do.


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