How To Deal With Unpleasant Nicknames

How to deal with nicknames

While I was jogging today, I was somehow reminded by unpleasant memories from the past.

I’ve had plenty of nicknames when I was a kid. There were few that I liked, but most of them I didn’t. Yet another conditioning that I haven’t dealt completely with, because I got some strong reactions to those memories.

This really got me thinking how I should’ve acted differently about them and what I should do if someone decides to come up with one in the future.

The number one rule is that you should never react (emotionally or otherwise) to someone calling you with name you don’t like.

If you are seemingly irritated about it, it will definitely stick. It will be like a button for people to push any time they want.

The first thing that came to my mind was to make a nickname of that person who creates one for you. This shouldn’t of course be done out of rage or anger, but just something that’s normal to you. I’m of course uncreative so I would call someone like that just “shit” – “hey shit, how’s it going”.

I pretty much ditched that idea almost instantly when I realized that I got caught up with emotions that were linked to those memories.

If the nickname isn’t anything abusive, but something you don’t like, it can be good idea to just tell humbly the person that you don’t like it. You should of course avoid making a scene about it.

In most cases, the best idea would be just to deal with it – in the end you can’t control what everyone else does.

I’m such a hypocritic though, because I myself have made a few nicknames to other people. And some of them even stuck.

I know several great guys who have been given odd nicknames and they really didn’t care. The most important thing I noticed about that was that their “perceived value” didn’t lower because of a nickname that they had. If you are cool about whatever people throw at you, you’ll come off as a winner.




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