How To Become As Patient As Gandhi

Being impatient feels unpleasant – it feels like you aren’t in control.

In a world like ours, filled with fast information and people who want everything right now, having patience can be a fresh change of perspective.

An ounce of patience is worth more than a tonne of preaching.- Mahatma Gandhi

1. Practice

People with patience haven’t become like that by chance.

It’s a conscious choice that you’ll have to make when a situation requiring patience arrives.

You only get good at it by practicing it a lot.

2. Let your negative emotions be

The difference between a patient person and an impatient one is that the latter acts on their negative feelings.

The less one acts on those feelings, the less there will they will be urged to do so in the future.

By watching them and letting them be, you take the power back to yourself.

3. Watch your thoughts and relax

Impatient thoughts result to impatient actions. You are what you think about.

First, start from the body – breath deep and then relax every part. Enjoy the feeling of all the tension going away.

Feel how you become more patient simply by giving your mind some space.

4. Remember the present

Remember that there’s nothing else but the present.

90% of the time it’s easy to forget that, especially in a hectic world such as ours.

Let your thoughts pass, watch what’s going on around you. Put your focus in your body instead of your mind.

5. Be easy on yourself

Don’t expect to become patient just like that. If you notice yourself slipping, forgive yourself.

It’s not a big deal, just do better next time.

6. Slow down

Just try it out: Focus on doing things slower than usual and you’ll find more calmness in your life.

7. Find something amusing from the situation

There’s always room for some humor: if you can find it from yourself, the better.

Laughter is a surprising medicine to a lot of mental symptoms we experience.


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