Is it possible to have two primary focuses in ones life?

For the past 4 months it has been self-improvement (this blog) and for the past week or so it has been investing.

Well, I’ve been enjoying my time researching and learning, but it’s kind of “low momentum” activity, so it reflects to other parts of my life negatively.

I’ve also realized that the more I focused on investing, the less I had interest and thoughts regarding self-improvement. I’ve barely kept this journal alive, but the content hasn’t really been any good.

The reason for that is simple: this isn’t an investing blog – there’s really no reason to put concepts that I’ve learned here.

As I’ve put huge amount of focus towards learning more about investing, my thoughts have began to revolve around that subject and that doesn’t play along with the topic of this blog/journal.

Today I made a decision: I’m going to shift more focus to self-improvement and ultimately to this blog. I’m fully invested and I practically know where I’m going to direct my cash flows next, there isn’t that much value for research right now.

Plus, I really want to keep building self improvementa.

Is it possible to have two primary focuses?

My answer is no.

It’s possible (and recommended!) to divide attention to several activities throughout the day, but those can hardly be called “primary focuses”.

Primary focus is something that you want and do allocate most of your time in your day. It’s the thing that most of your thoughts revolve around.

When I was focusing on self-improvement concepts, I had lots of thoughts about it throughout the day. When I was researching and learning more about investing, my thoughts were directed there.

There’s also the momentum towards each focus: the more I put time to investing, the less I felt like doing self-improvement stuff and vice versa.

Sure I will keep following the markets (and I’ll read a couple of books, such as snowball), but it will be secondary focus in my life at best. This way it won’t get in the way of my primary focus.


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