100% Sure Productivity Tip For Those Who Can’t Get Started

write one word

I’ve never had problem with doing.

My problem has always been with starting.

Before I couldn’t understand why it was and I branded myself as lazy. What a big mistake.

In school I always started working on the projects at the last possible moment, only because the thought of not finishing was worse than to actually start doing.

Later on, when I applied self-awareness to my life and had started to observe what was really going on inside me I finally found the answer.

The thought of working often feels much worse than actually doing it.

I liked writing, I wanted to write, but I hated the idea of leaving reddit and start doing.

Solution: Take the smallest possible step

That’s it.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step- Laozi

Visualize that small step without thinking the actual work that you have to do.

For example, if you have to start writing, imagine yourself writing just the first word and then do it.

Writing just one word is so minor that it doesn’t require any kind of willpower to do it.

You’ve overcome the biggest step there is to take: the mental barrier.

After writing the first word, not once have I found myself stopping there and going back to procrastinating.


We never have to do anything but a simple task at once.

It’s the thought that cripples us, not the actual workload that we have.

It becomes overwhelming for no good reason.

edit: Mini Habits

It seems Stephen Guise has written a book that is closely related to what I wrote.

You should read his excellent article about mini habits at Tiny Buddha.

I love the concept of making “mini habits”, simply because habits themselves have proven to be the key to anything.

After doing minor things, the effect will snowball to other areas of your life.



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