How To Raise Yourself Above The Masses

above the people

I don’t know many who want to “belong to the masses”.

Belonging to the masses is seen as undesirable. This probably has something to do with allure of scarcity.

We want to be unique snowflakes.

The irony is that everyone belongs in something that could be categorized as mainstream.

Rule number one (and the only rule) for belonging to mainstream is this: you have to do what they do.

I like it better turned around:

To get something that others don’t get, you have to do something that others don’t do.

It’s so simple, yet so hard to grasp in our everyday lives.

When we see other people do something, we are prone to do it the same way unless we know better.

We draw a massive part of our identity, knowledge and habits from our surroundings.

Without noticing it, we are inside the box when we are supposed to think outside of it.

Fortunately there’s a smart way to counter this:

Always challenge the “Normal”

Back Camera

Experiment, try new things.

Conventional is fucking boring.

Whether it’s business, love or life in general, you don’t want to be boring.

Keep learning

I probably say this in every text, but it’s way too important not to say it.

Books are the ultimate resource for learning whatever you want.

Most people don’t read books.

Challenge the normal.


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