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Today I had the pleasure of watching again one of the most amazing videos ever made.

Randy Pauschs Youtube video “Last Lecture: Achieving Your Childhood Dreams” has gathered almost 16,4 million views.

I remember watching it for the first time, not knowing who he was or what he did. The first thing that shocked me was the attitude that he displayed after revealing that he has been given estimate of only 3 – 6 months of good health left.

Even bigger shock was the incredible show of character that he presented in over an hour.

The talk had so many valuable pieces of information, that it would shame not to write an article about them, but if you have not seen the lecture.. Well, you should:

So in addition to Randys tips at the end of the video, I picked additional tips from between the lines:

1. It’s never too late to live

You could never believe that the lecture is given by a man who knows that he’s going to die soon. He doesn’t show any signs of being in such condition, but instead gives vibe that’s full of life and fun.

2. Having dreams is great, but thriving towards them is better

Don’t settle for dreaming, but thrive towards them. Randy had the most imaginable dreams and he made most of them into reality.

3. Achieving dreams may not be as great as going through the experience

Despite doing amazing things, such as meeting Captain Kirks alter ego William Shatner, the most rewarding things to him weren’t the achievements themselves, but the experiences he got along the way.

In other words, even if he hadn’t achieved any of his dreams, he would have still been one happy cookie.

4. Keep doing things that have long-term effects

Randy left a noticeable imprint on the world and you should too.

5. Brick walls are for other people

They are there to show our dedication.- Randy Pausch, Last Lecture

Brick walls are there to stop people who don’t want to get through them bad enough.

6. Never stop learning

Never say “I don’t know”.

Say “I want to learn more”.

He gave a great analogy about the deans who had completely different approaches with the issue he had.

7. Always encourage people to do more

He spent his life educating and helping people, always encouraging them to do more. A great one to add to your values.

8. Randys final tips from the video

  • Keep having fun. He had this unique mind-set of not knowing how not to have fun. Simply because “Because there’s no other way to play it”.
  • Get EXCITED about things, never lose the child-like wonder.
  • Help others. By genuinely willing to help people you can’t go wrong. Instead of focusing yourself, focus on other people.
  • Loyalty is a two-way street.
  • Never give up. – There were lots of rejections in his life, but he always held his head high while going forward.
  • Show gratitude. – he’s the perfect example of appreciating things in his life.
  • Don’t complain, just work harder.
  • Be good at something: it makes you valuable – Never stop learning.
  • Find the best in everybody, no matter how long it takes
  • Be prepared, luck is where preparation meets opportunity

Almost at the end he reveals that the lecture wasn’t about how to achieve your dreams but how to lead your life.

The book

Randy managed to write a book called “Last Lecture” (with Jeffrey Zaslow) that shed some light on what happened before, during and after the Last Lecture in depth.

It’s a great book and it brings huge amounts of depth to Randy as well as the whole lecture that he gave. At times it’s impossible not to break into tears while remembering the second fake head saying that the lecture wasn’t for the audience, but for his kids who haven’t had enough time to get memories of their father.

He left a great legacy and it would be shame to live a life not following his final tips.

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