A healthy reminder why it’s awesome to be alive today

I’ve read a lot about gratitude and how it makes your life good.

You know how it goes:

“Every morning list 100 things you are grateful of and you’ll feel amazing!”

Nope, doesn’t do it for me. I must say though that I’m very grateful about a lot of things, but today I really got some insight about what gratitude truly means for me.

Let’s put our developed world in context: Times before 20th century have been, as I understand it, different shades of brown (I mean shit). Life has been an actual struggle for majority of people: a life or death kind of a struggle.

Not just “struggling to feel good”, like every other person today.

I was reminded that Game of Thrones is beginning once again in less than one month. I’ve pretty much given up on (most) movies and series, but that’s simply something that I can’t miss.

I enjoy it so much – the dialogue, the story and the overall production. It made me truly appreciate that there are so much amazing things to experience and to simply enjoy – there are lots of people working hard so that even a bigger amount of people can feel good.

It’s fucking hard not to be grateful of that.

I’ve got some other examples, such as One Piece, which is one of my weekly highlights. I’ve been reading it for over ten years – I’ve practically grown along with it. The best part is that it gets better and better.

These were just examples of entertainment, but when I look around, I can see an immense amount of work done by someone that makes my life so goddamn easy.

Taking a shit is a perfect example: there’s this toilet seat that just flushes my production down this awesome plumbing and how does this happen exactly?

That’s right, I push a button and it all just happens.

Electricity, computer, internet and clean water from the faucet.

These are just everyday things that we take for granted.

People have put in HUGE amount of work to put this all together and I can actually afford all this because of other incredible inventions that have increased the productivity of mankind.

There’s no need to think daily how you should be grateful of all this, as it will get boring (desensitizing) anyway. But reminding yourself once in while how incredible lucky we are to be living in these amazing times will definitely make you feel good.


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