3 Simple Ways For Improving Your Social Interactions

So I started to think about few qualities that have had a big impact on my daily life – especially social interactions.

This is what I came up with:


I love being bold with my words and actions.

It doesn’t mean that you should say and act on everything that comes to your mind, but rather forget that strangers are never as uptight as you imagine them to be.

This world is filled with people who are playing it safe and that’s why it works so well.

It makes you more engaged, it makes others around you more engaged.

It makes interacting with people fun.


Talking with people is a curious phenomenon, because you don’t really ‘think’ when you are having a fluid conversation.

You are expressing yourself as you go on – you are aligned with the current moment.

It’s all about trusting yourself that you can pull the right words out of the hat when needed. They just come to you when you are being open to the present, welcoming everything that unfolds.

Practice becoming more present in your daily life.



Congruence is when your feelings, thoughts and actions are aligned.

For example, when you are temporarily sad, but you try to act happy despite your current feelings, you will feel unnatural and uncomfortable.

You will also look like you are ‘out of sync’ to everyone else.

Don’t try to bullshit people. Act with congruence.

Bonus: Unpredictability


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