Surprising Revelation That Helps You To Start Doing


I found something that really struck the chord and felt the need to share this:

You probably have hundreds of reasons to do something productive.

The “pull” of those reasons just doesn’t exist anymore. You have reasons, but they don’t motivate you.

You always feel like you need a good reason to do anything, but you still gravitate towards something that doesn’t make sense.

If you don’t find “meaning” meaningful anymore, try this:

Have you considered changing for No Reason At All? (source)

Start waking up at 7am, start working on your projects, do things that you haven’t done before, GO OUTSIDE.

For no reason at all.

Thinking paralyzes you, action frees you. Forget all the rationalizing and start doing.

A the second comment made it simple and easy:

“Why should I go to the gym? Fuck it, I’ll just sit here

“Why should I go to the gym? Fuck it, I’ll go anyway

Life doesn’t make any sense – embrace this fact in your daily decisions.


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