Master This And You’ll Never Be Bored Again

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What makes humor sites so addictive?

What do all the funniest people have in common?

What is one reason why some movies and series are superior to others?

What makes us seek for new porn videos when we’ve got hard drive full of stuff verified as “good” already?

The answer is:


What do you think happens when your whole life becomes a series of predictable events?

It may not be easy to realize, but once you do, it’s so obvious:

Nothing is as boring as listening, watching or LIVING through something when you know beforehand what happens.

Predictability makes your life fucking miserable.

This is also why going outside your comfort-zone can be so rewarding as you are uncertain of what will happen.

It brings something different to the table – in the middle of all the boring shit your call life, your brain starts to engage and activate.

Then, you’ll feel good.

A few tips for bringing the element of surprise in your life:

  • Do something out of character – be bold
  • Say something unexpected
  • Do your daily tasks differently
  • Bring some fun to your doing
  • Break the rules
  • Change something in your life regularly (it can be almost anything)

Don’t expect the world to be unpredictable for you.

Be unpredictable for the world and most of all, for yourself.


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