One thing about thoughts you should be aware of

When I googled “how many thoughts per day”, it seems there’s a thing called “50,000-70,000 thoughts a day” myth going around.

I’m not sure whether I should believe that or not, but that’s not important.

What’s important is that the amount of thoughts you have per day is limited.

The thoughts that you have become your actions and through your actions they become reality. If your focus is on how shitty you are instead of looking for ways to stimulate your current thought-processes, well, you probably aren’t feeling good.

In that case, you are a victim of your own mind.

Let’s say that you are in a state where your daily thoughts consist of 90% of negative and 10% of other thoughts. That’s probably where I was back in my fucked-up state.

If you manage to tip that scale even to 89% and 11%, you’ve made some progress. Here’s a broscience chart how it happened for me:

Initially: 90% negative thoughts, 10% neutral / positive

  1. month 55-40 (The first drop was big because I was so into the stuff)
  2. month 45-55
  3. month 40-60

Aaaaall the way to 1 year where I probably had 15% negative thoughts and 85% neutral/positive thoughts.

When I finally got into self-improvement, I estimate that I now have daily 5-10% of negative thoughts, depending on the day and 95-90% of neutral & positive (predominantly positive)  thoughts.

What self-improvement did was that it changed the quality of the neutral / positive thoughts to more empowering ones that really made me more productive and more satisfied.

How I did it? Here’s how I got rid of negative thoughts


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