10 Tips For Waking Up In The Morning

in the morning

I’ve always had trouble rising up early.

Alarm clock stopped being of any use about a decade ago and nothing seemed to help.

I’ve made a lot of progress with it and wanted to share some of the tips that I consider important:

It’s not supposed to be easy

I deluded myself years thinking that there must be some easy way to get up without feeling tired.

There isn’t.

Ultimately you have to create a deeply seated habit for yourself to get out of the bed.

Everything else is just a bonus to help you do that.

When you don’t even remember hitting snooze

This was a big problem for me and unfortunately I have to say that there’s no idiot proof “trick” for this.

There are two reasons why anyone gets up early in the morning, despite being sleepy:

  1. A good reason
  2. A habit

You’ll always find a way to sleep unless you have a good reason not to.

I can’t tell you what a “good reason” is for you – that you’ll have to find yourself.

If you can’t find one, create one. It doesn’t have to be anything amazing, just something that you consider as a valid reason to prioritize over hitting snooze.

1. Slap yourself in the face

This works, but it’s somewhat unpleasant way to wake yourself up.

The good thing is that if you don’t get refreshed enough by the first slap, you can always hit harder the second time.

2. Don’t put the shades down

Natural light helps the body to recognize when it’s time wake up.

3. Plank

This is something that I used to do few months back and I have to admit that it worked pretty well.

Nothing wakes you up as well as physical exercise and if you can’t even handle getting up from bed, then this may be for you.

Of course the preferred method is to actually get up and do something – squats, push-ups, pull-ups, anything.

4. Make a commitment

Don’t “hope to get up”

Don’t “hope that you won’t be tired”

Make a commitment to get out of bed, preferably before going to sleep.

In my experience this works very well if you manage to convince yourself with a good reason. Focus on this before you go to sleep and your mind will remind you when your alarm starts ringing.

Half-assing won’t do it.

5. Use sleepyti.me

Waking up at a right time can be helpful.

6. Don’t hit snooze

After all those years, I don’t understand why I never realized this.

Don’t hit the snooze. Shut down the alarm only after you’ve got up.

For enhanced effect put the phone near your ears (I put it under my pillow).

7. Put the alarm clock somewhere far

The oldest trick in the book.

You’ll have to rise up to shut it down – after that the challenge is to not go back to bed.

8. Practice the night before

Here’s an out of the box way to train yourself to get instantly up in the morning:

Practice the way you are going to do it during the day.

lie in bed, set up an alarm so that it will ring and jump out of the bed.

Do this 10 times and I guarantee you that the first thing in the morning that comes to your head is to jump out of the bed.

9. Use an alarm clock app

  • Sleep cycle calculates the optimal time for you to wake up based on your sleep patterns (iPhone) / Sleepbot  (Android)
  • Morning routine requires you to scan a bar code of your choice to stop the alarm (Android)
  • Wake n shake app (iPhone)

10. Combine these tips

Don’t settle for one.

I recommend to at least put your alarm far, don’t hit the snooze, do some planking in bed and slap yourself in the face.

Random / mandatory tips

  • Go to sleep earlier
  • Have a regular sleeping schedule
  • Don’t eat before going to sleep
  • Plan a reward for yourself if you wake up in time (bacon sounds good)


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