The only sane way to live is to unrestrain yourself


So today I came to a conclusion that I’ve been limiting myself lately – there’s been a slight “I could do more” vibe on the background.

Finished is always better than perfect, because perfect will never be finished.

I’m not sure whether I came up with this myself or if I’d heard this somewhere, but I find this profound.

Now begins project “unrestrain myself”: this means that I’ll be focusing on putting all my made up limitations aside when it comes to writing and everything else





The other part that limited me was a thought of whether my stuff will be valuable to someone. I’ve been writing for long enough that I’m not making the mistake of babbling about all the uninteresting shit that goes on in my life, but rather focus on the insights that my lifestyle produces.

The purpose of unrestraining myself is ultimately so that I can be truly myself, without being self-censoring everything that I write.

I’ve unconsciously turned the focus of this blog to pleasing some imaginary person in my mind, instead of pleasing myself by writing amazing shit.

Now that I put it like that, it’s easy to see why I’ve been procrastinating.

This applies perfectly to life in general too. Taking the limit off yourself is an active process – you’ll have to focus on it whenever you realize that your thoughts are preventing you from producing or doing whatever you would want to.

Forget what other people may think about stuff you’ve made – is it important that what you’ve made makes you happy or is it important what some neckbeard in his moms basement thinks about your awesome shit?

I haven’t experienced it myself yet, but I remember reading that when you become your truest self even in your writing, you’ll attract those who you actually want to. It makes sense.

For example, Jeff Goins has (sort of) talked about it in this article about writing first for yourself.

Interesting enough, Owen released a few days ago a video titled momentum vs self image paradigm, that speaks practically about the same thing. I watched this an hour ago and it hit spot on.

Take so much action that your thinking mind shuts off

That’s like the perfect description for what momentum is.

Thinking mind is the source of every goddamn problem and I’ve been practically obsessed with it lately.

I’ve been getting some insights daily, but what I didn’t realize that I was stuck to that particular paradigm and that really hurt my productivity.

Of course I haven’t been lying around at work – I’ve probably got more things done there than ever before, but at home when I’m supposed to pour my heart on this blog?


Here’s another profound quote:

Unrestrain yourself because it’s the only sane way to live.


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