The Reason Why You Will Never Succeed

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A couple of years ago I was thinking ‘I want to make more money‘.

I wasn’t happy with my job and I wanted more. So I stumbled on internet marketing. Not once did I think that it would be quick money in the bank, but it was still harder than I could’ve thought.

After couple of months I had lost my motivation and energy for it.

The reason for my failure wasn’t because it was “too hard”.

It was because I didn’t have a good enough “why”.

Tricky motivation

Motivation is a fascinating thing.

When we have enough of it:

  • We can work from morning until the night
  • We get the willpower to exercise and educate ourselves
  • We can practically do anything we want

It’s the magic recipe for success.

The problem with motivation is that once we lose it, we can’t always duplicate it.

Another way to describe motivation is ‘vision’, which is an image of what drives you forward. Every time when you’ve lost motivation for something it’s because the image for the motivation was rendered useless or it disappeared.

This vision or image can also be called as the “why”.

The “why you do all this”.

no money

Money as a motivator SUCKS

You need it to live, but in the end it’s only a medium.

If you only set out to make some “money”, I can guarantee that you will lose motivation.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be money: it can also be that you want to impress people or drive an awesome car.

As long as it’s shallow, it’s all the same.

The reason why you won’t succeed is because you have a shitty reason to work hard

People who succeed don’t want just money. They have something more important than money to thrive for.

Family, more time with your children, freedom, there are countless of similar reasons and every single one is more important than “money”.

If you have a strong image of spending more time with your children who you love very much, you WILL have more motivation than someone else with a shallow image.

If you have just an image about money, it may feel powerful at first, but it will eventually become boring – because money by itself IS boring.

What to do instead!

Imagine a situation, where a man is starting to lose motivation to make his business better, but he has conditioned his mind to remind himself of image of his children and spending more time with them.

I can tell you that the man will keep on doing what he has to, as the image gives him burst of motivation that he needs.

Instead of thinking about money for motivation, think about something important what money can make possible for you, ie:

  • More time with your loved ones
  • More time to spend with your passion
  • More freedom

Form a strong and clear image around whatever it is you want. Condition yourself to think about it everytime you are about to lose motivation or start procrastinating.

The reason why successful people can keep on going is because their image is so strong that the thought of not making their dreams come true is the worst thing they can imagine.


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