When The Whole World Seems To Be Evil




Starvation and poverty.

Maybe you’ve got something in your own life that makes you sick of everything.

It’s easy to come to conclusion that the world is full of evil and there’s no hope for the mankind.

Or is there?

You are programmed to focus on the negative

There’s a thing in your brain called negativity bias.

Your brain is stimulated more by things that are negative, meaning that you are more interested (or focused) in them when compared to positive things.

You are also more likely to recall negative experiences from the past.

This was all useful hundreds of years ago when mans primary focus was on surviving, but not so much today.

The news exploit this bias

It seems kind of obvious that the news departments rarely release anything positive, because those kinds of things just aren’t interesting enough.

Still, despite being “interesting” because of negativity bias, watching news creates a feeling that “bad” is the primary feeling that we get when thinking how the world really is.

There’s a theory by Daniel Kahneman that explains this phenomenon: “What You See Is All There Is“, meaning that when you only see and hear negative things about the world, you don’t necessarily consider all the good things related to it.

Humans are predominantly good

When not considering ones daily life, it’s hard to think anything good related to the world when everyone is focusing on the few who are doing the bad deeds.

The fact however is that most of mankind are good people.

Hell, even for kids altruism comes naturally!

There tons of warm things done by these people daily:

This is what you should do:

Fuck the news. Fuck anyone or any website that’s preying on how your brain is programmed.

You are what you think and what you engage in daily will influence your thinking.

The fact is that today no one needs negative shit in their lives.

Realize this: the news are always the same – only the people change. Stabbings, shootings, everything.

Why should you care? You can’t affect those things and knowing about them changes nothing.

Focus on your own stuff, how you can improve lives of those who are around you and most of all, focus on the positive things in your life.


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